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On this page you will find some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Should I be registered as self employed or trade as a limited company?2022-04-04T15:05:55+01:00

This is a very common question! The best thing to do is to ring us and we can talk you through the pros and cons. We can run a comparison for you to help make your decision. You want to get it right, after all, this is the foundations of your business and tax savings can be made here!

Do I need to be registered for MTD for VAT2022-04-04T15:05:04+01:00

Yes, even voluntary VAT registered businesses are required to submit their VAT returns through HMRC approved software from April 2022. There are certain exemptions but only in very specific circumstances!

Help! I’m confused as to whether I am classed as employed or Self-Employed under IR35!!2022-04-04T15:04:37+01:00

No Problem! There is an IR35 tool to help you through this, but if you need more detailed help call the team on 01375 379512 we can help and with our Brookes Guarantee you are safe in the knowledge that you won’t be charged for every call! This link provides HMRC’s check for employment status www.tax.service.gov.uk/check-employment-status-for-tax/what-do-you-want-to-find-out.

What do I need to make a PAYE payment?2022-04-04T14:56:56+01:00

Make sure you have your accounts office reference and then click here www.tax.service.gov.uk/pay-online/epaye

I need to pay my corporation tax, where do I go?2022-04-04T14:55:05+01:00

You will need your accounts reference from your payslip. Then follow this link to HMRC www.tax.service.gov.uk/pay-online/corporation-tax.

I’ve completed my self assessment, where do I go to pay my tax to HMRC?2022-04-04T14:55:34+01:00

Ensure you have your UTR number and follow this link to the HMRC www.tax.service.gov.uk/pay-online/self-assessment.

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